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Choosing Merriment

My final market of 2023 was last weekend, a local brewery (#EventideBrewing) hosted a fun, family-friendly event with a gingerbread house-making contest, a letter box to send mail to Santa, a holiday handcrafts market and even a visit from Santa himself!

I have not always been great at getting into the holiday spirit, but over the last few years I've been trying to do better. It helps to have a great bunch of friends, and I'm also fortunate to have a loving family as well.

Christmas cards have been arriving in my mailbox, reminding me of my friends who live here and there. This year I got a special delivery from my Squirrel Whisperer friend Brandy who lives in Austin, TX.* Guess what it was?

It was a box of squirrels! I took one of them to sit with me at the Eventide market because it was so darn cute.

Look at these amazing squirrels! Please also note the hand drawn squirrels on the box they were mailed in.

I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Whatever You Celebrate and encourage you to pause and take a deep breath when that jerk cuts you off in the parking lot of Trader Joe's when all you were trying to do was get a quick, last minute kringle to take to that unexpected party you were invited to.

And please remember to think of those less fortunate, it sure helps keep things in perspective.

*Check out Brandy's instagram @AcornObscura for the most amazing photos of the squirrels she's befriended and prepares elaborate feasts for on her back patio. Here's a sample of what you will find:

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