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Emerging from hibernation.

After the winter holidays, this squirrel takes a break for a while. Seasonal produce is... well, seasonal. There are some things I can make year 'round, but after a busy spring, summer, fall and partial winter making preserves and jellies, it's nice to just chill out for a little bit.

But this year I started making stuff early. My main selling venue, Grant Park Farmers Market, assigned me to an early spot on the monthly market schedule (first Sunday of every month, for those of you who like to save the date), and I have been invited to participate in an interesting, private pop-up market for a global company headquartered in Atlanta who purchased TWELVE CASES of jams, preserves and jellies up front. That's colossal for a tiny little business like mine, me being a solitary person making, labeling, marketing and selling in my spare time.

I've also been honored to be featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's 'Made in Georgia' column on April 7, and I already have plans to buy a stack of papers first thing Sunday morning before my Grant Park Farmers Market season debut to hand out to friends and family.

I know this is a lot of bragging, and I don't really like to do that, but I'm just so grateful.

Anyway, the thing that marks the start of my jamming season in my mind is the blooming of our neighborhood plum tree. I found it blooming February 29. Next up, the mulberries begin fruiting and finally the honeysuckle starts blooming. I found my first honeysuckle this past weekend while I was walking my dogs through Grant Park.

Looks like it's going to be a great year.

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