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Long weekends are made for catching up

I always have a pretty long to-do list like everyone else. This past weekend I was determined to get some things done that have been on my list for a while.

Where I live, this past weekend was our very first actual chilly weather since spring. I think the change in seasons prompts some people to tidy up unfinished projects and start new season-appropriate ones. Well that's where I was this weekend.

Lately I've been craving baked goods, so last Thursday I whipped up a batch of thumbprint cookies before bed so I could have them for the weekend. I looked through my fridge to see what jams I had open that I thought would be good on a cookie, I decided on Honeyed Fig with Fresh Ginger and Orchard Plum with Star Anise. They turned out to be good choices! I used some date syrup instead of white sugar so they're darker than usual, but still quite tasty.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early and got to work. My garden patch had gone totally wild so I cleared all that out, I had basil with thick woody stems and three tomato bushes that were so confused by the long summer that they were giving their all to make another whole crop of tomatoes. But since the temps would be dropping pretty low I decided to pull everything up and do my best to use everything up.

A couple of big bunches of the basil became a nice batch of pesto. I picked every green tomato and scouted around for a good tomato relish recipe. I'll probably be making that this week. I pulled all the climbing pole beans out of my chain-link fence (seemed like a good idea when I planted them months ago, but I had second thoughts over the course of the hour and a half it took to pull the vines all out of the fence links).

I did lots of other stuff over the course of the whole long weekend, but working out in the yard in temps that didn't feel like a steam oven was really pleasant, especially when accompanied by a sweet little treat during a break in the action.

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